Top 4 kick ass marketing tools every business must have in 2014

Kick business into gear with these top 4 marketing tools your business must have

So you decided to take your hobby or idea and turn it into a business.  You have your products and services set up and ready to go but no one is buying.  Suddenly you are wondering if you made the right decision on taking the  risky step on opening your business.  Do not worry! You are not alone and you are definitely not the first one to feel alone, scared or lost is the world of business.  I am here to provide you with the top 4 marketing tools every business must have.

Top 4 kick ass marketing tools every business must have in 2014

Top 4 kick ass marketing tools every business must have in 2014

Business Must Have #1

A team. Before you even open your business must have a team in place. You must have a team! People who cheer you on. People who encourage you to press forward when times get tough. People who help you to succeed. A team can be family or friends online or offline.  There are many groups and communities that you may join that have members who are more than willing to help you.

Business Must Have #2

A blog. You sale products on your website but no one is buying or for that matter even visiting your website. You must have a blog and blog regularly so that people will feel confident in  doing business with you. The more you blog the more you will deepen your relationship and trust with customers and potential customers.  Blogging will also help with SEO. Deliver quality content on a regular basis and watch Google fall in love with your blog.  If you are giving people what they want you will know it because Google will start displaying your blog on their result pages.  Not sure what to blog about?

Here just a few ideas:

  • Blog about one of your products
  • Blog about how to use one of your products
  • Blog about how your product helps people

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Business Must Have #3

A newsletter.  If someone visits your website and then leaves do you have a way to get them to come back?  If not you can be missing out on some major money making opportunities.  A newsletter is the perfect tool to get your customers and potential customers to return to your website.  Have a sale coming up, or a new product just arrived?  Let your customers know in your newsletter.  Have you noticed that all the major retail stores have newsletter?  Sign up for one of your favorites and watch how they do it. I am tellin’ ya the money is in the list!! Not sure where to start?

Here are some newsletter service providers choose from:

Mailchimp It’s Free and a good starting point.
Aweber Start a free trial for $1 and then $19 a month thereafter
Contant Contact Start for Free and then $15 a month thereafter

Business Must Have #4

Social Media. You have a blog and a newsletter now you need to let the world know.  The best way to do that is by networking, word of mouth, and social media.  If you are not networking on social media you are totally missing out.  It doesn’t need to be difficult.  If you write a blog post share it.  If you have a new product or service, share it. If you just started a newsletter, share it. Basically anything that pertains to your business you should let people know about it on social media .

Here are some social media providers you should consider:

Pinterest-Pin your product images that link directly back to your product’s page.
Facebook– Share your products with your fans
Twitter– Let your followers know what your business is up to

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Some great tips that will be useful to many – I also need to work on doing a weekly newsletter for our blog! Happy SITS day!

Yes it can be frustrating when Facebook keeps changing things up. I still use it to make connections and network with other on a consistent bases.

Yep, the newsletter is the only thing I don’t have. I know I should be compiling my “list”… I just hate spamming people’s inboxes. My clients have overflowing inboxes as it is and I don’t want to contribute to that:)

Hi Seana, I used to feel the same way but if someone signs up for your newsletter it’s because they are interested in what you have to share :-) They can always unsubscribe when they are no longer interested.

Great tips, Nicole! I really need to work on a newsletter for my site… I’m not sure why I’ve been putting it off! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you Cher:-) I understand where you are coming from. When I first became an entrepreneur I put it off for years. I would tell myself things like; I won’t have anything to write about or It won’t be could enough. Now that I have a newsletter I find it very liberating. I use it as a way to share news or just to connect with my readers on a different level. The important part is to just take the first step and the rest will fall into place.